Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Regeneration Expertise of Dr. Robert Otto Becker, MD, is within our Reach as DIY Homemakers.

The Body Electric, by Dr. Robert O. Becker, MDThe Body Electric, by Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD

You'd think that regeneration is rocket science, right? Wrong...
Argyria - Avoiding that is rocket science!

But regeneration is nothing new. It's been practiced by warriors and stunt doubles every time they suffer an injury. That's when their body has the opportunity to initiate healing and, in some cases, all out regeneration.

In fact, the use of silver as a tool for helping the body to regenerate dates as far back as human history elicits epic tales of heroes and gods colored blue or slate gray: Krishna (literally translates as: dark), Rama, Shiva, Shuka-Deva and in more recent times: Paul Karason (smurf dude).

The problem was not with their intent. The problem was with their technique. They didn't fully know how electrochemistry explains both argyria and its prevention, or that argyria is an indication that they are failing to utilize all of their silver deposited in their fatty tissue as garbage.

It would take a true hero to have a body which automatically conjures up the necessary voltage of a negative electrical charge to saturate itself with bioavailable silver instead of allowing it to turn into mud. But modern technology affords us this convenience in the form of specially designed biocircuits of ultra-low voltage, or else the super-oxidation of nano-silver /also known as colloidal silver/ with food grade, 35% strength, hydrogen peroxide converting the silver particles into water soluble ions of silver hydroperoxide - AgHO2. And we also have MSM, methylated sulphur, available on an industrial scale to help those of us who need silver the most but can't handle the stuff 'cuz we fail to methylate at all let alone methylate our sulphur. So, Krishna and Rama didn't have what we have. Let us be thankful for the wisdom to know how to use it.

Dr. Becker never intended us to make it a regular habit of using AgHO2 in the bath along with salt, MSM and silica gel. His specialty was wound care; emergency care. He was an orthopedic surgeon by trade.

But he died of pneumonia. A sad fact of underappreciating his gift to us.

We need not make his mistake despite the best of intentions of Rosemary Jacobs and the Union of Medical Practitioners /the AMA/ who want us to avoid the hazards of argyria, but who also don't want to figure out what I've figured out: that it's not necessary to assume that suffering is the norm, or else: "How modern -indeed- is our so-called technology?" This stance of their's denies us the freedom to prevent illness, save health care costs, and undermine the insurance scam of maintaining our plight to maintain their profit.

Links Documenting My Continuing Research

I gave up adding anything more to those two playlists on my vinyasi YouTube channel and continue researching Dr. Becker here, here and here.

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Supplements Not Listed Above

Source Naturals Magnesium Malate 1250mg, Supports Muscles and Energy Production,360 Tablets

NOW Foods Coral Calcium, 100 Capsules / 1000mg

LD Carlson Calcium Carbonate, 1 pound Capacity - good stirred into...

Yogi Teas Ginger, 16 Count (Pack of 6) - with...

Lemon Juice - a natural liver cleanse

Sauerkraut - lactic acid is the best for helping with absorption of calcium

ChefLand 100% ORGANIC Beeswax, 5 Bars, 5 oz, Premium Quality, Triple Filtered - for setting a queasy stomach and reconnecting us toward our surroundings and ultimately toward our self

Trace Minerals Research Liquimins Ionic Iron, 22 mg, 1.42-Ounce (Pack of 2) - for "centering"

Trace Minerals Research Liquimins Ionic Zinc, 50 mg, 2-Ounce (Pack of 3) - for banishment of "cold conditions"

Bulk MSM - for the bath

Equipment To Choose From

The Silver Lining Colloidal Silver Generator with Magnetic Stirrer - 32oz Flask

LifeForce 72" Colloidal Silver Generator Wire 9999 Pure 14 Gauge

Silver Sheet Metal - 99.99% and 99.999% fine - for high amperage electrodes

In addition to various sizes of silver foil which may have to be rolled into a spiral shaped electrode to reduce their tendency to bend (I have not tried these)...

Small Silver Foil - 2 1/2" x 12" - 99.99% fine

Medium Silver Foil - 4" x 12" - 99.99% fine

Large Silver Foil - 6" x 12" - 99.99% fine

Hario V60 Coffee Server, 1000ml - to catch colloidal silver should you choose to pour it through...

Hario 02 100 Count Coffee Paper Filter, Natural - suspended in a...

Hario VDC-02W V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper, White

This is good for making traditionally clear, low ppm, colloidal silver for drinking, etc, but not making silver fog (almost silver mud) used for conversion into silver hydroperoxide for bathing unless you modify its internal set screws...

Even still, it might be better to get a different machine - altogether - so as not to have to modify anything...

Biophysica's FAQs - for large scale production of colloidal silver

Biophysica's Domestic Colloidal Generators

Biophysica's Colloidal Generator Electrodes

Enover 7-day Programmable Plug-in Digital Timer Switch with 3-prong Outlet for Lights and Appliances, 15A/1800W

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  1. What do I do for Vitamin C? I stay away from the manmade stuff since that's the quickest way to get argyria if you're using silver. But there's plenty of natural Vitamin C in raw fruit, raw juice, and sprouts. Again...

    Beware of Vitamin C added to foods, such as pineapple or grape juice laced with manmade Vitamin C and -instead- get the natural form of this important vitamin from the living sap of fresh, raw produce.