Friday, September 30, 2016

Recipe for a fizzy drink without manmade Vitamin C

Since I saturate my body - daily - with lots of silver in the form of hydroperoxide of silver, I have to avoid the ingestion of manmade Vitamin C due to its ability to encourage the occurrence of argyria in the flesh while undergoing so much absorption of silver through my skin during my baths with the stuff, plus my slothful tendency to avoid the use of natural citrus fruits, or fruit juice in general, and add to this my inability to adequately thirst for water to quench my need to hydrate myself, I have discovered I can make an adequate substitute for natural fruit juices and avoid manmade Vitamin C to help me get sufficient fluids to hydrate somewhat better than if I didn't 'fake' myself into drinking more fluids at all.

Into a mixing container I add /to taste/ some sugar (coconut sugar in my case), then some powdered calcium carbonate, powdered potassium bicarbonate, a light sprinkling of food grade diatomaceous earth, and a premixed blend of pure food grade powdered acids of citric, malic and tartaric. Blend, stir or shake, and dispense half a spoonful into an empty glass and add some water and swirl or stir.

Mmmmmm, yum! And no manmade Vitamin C. Goes good on granola sweetened with a little licorice root powder!

The acid blend linked to above is from Home Brew Ohio composed of 50% Malic Acid, 40% Citric Acid, and 10% Tartaric Acid.

And if your tummy should ever get upset with you, just nibble on some beeswax. That'll fix it.

If I want Vitamin C, I can always get the natural kind from sprouting some lentils, or else buying some fresh produce from the grocery store, such as lemons or grapefruit.

But there's no reason, no good reason, to encourage the formation of argyria and then blame the silver. Not a chance.

Scientific inquiry requires honesty plus accuracy - which are not two easy qualities to get right all the time since "the devil is in the details" and "those not skilled in the art" will surely fail and either blame themselves or blame their benefactor who passed this story onto them.

Neither outcome is necessary.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Design Characteristics of Tesla's Special Generator.

I forgot to mention another one of Tesla's patents, this one from 1891, which describes how important it is to put grooves, serrations, radially on both sides of the conductive copper disk...

....between the pole pieces of adjoining electromagnetic cores which have grooves of their own cut into them in a radial fashion...

...two grooves on the copper disk per groove on the core pole piece. Hence, every other copper groove will have its current flowing outwards toward the periphery of the copper disk while the alternating grooves will have their lines of current flowing inwards towards the center of the copper disk. By proper placement of contact brushes arranged on the periphery of the copper disk, it is possible to setup an alternating pickup of current constituting an AC cycle of a very high frequency in the 100+ kilohertz range.

If we dispense with the pole pieces of the iron core electromagnets, then we may still incorporate this important design feature into the spinning electrostatic disk intended to duplicate the Searl effect in our conceptualized model of a Tesla Special Generator.

Since we gleaned from a quick perusal of John Cater's description of Searl's original experiment that electrical appliances situated nearby, such as: radios, automatically turned themselves 'ON' despite their ON/OFF switches being in the 'OFF" position, it's obvious that the electrostatic field strength of Searl's rotating disk was so powerful that it was already acting as a self-running electrical generator.

The only effect magnetism will have on this device is to act as a regulatory braking system to prevent it from skyrocketing out of control. This is what a braking magnet does surrounding the spinning disk in an electromechanical watt-hour meter. It prevents the meter's disk from spinning toward an infinite rate of spin. This can be learned by reading the Meterman's Handbook from 1912.

So conceptually, there's not much more we have to do to finish what Searl began except in the area of practicality, as in: we don't want our generator to get away from us by flying off into space!

Imagine, if you will, you're the circuitry of a nearby radio receiver with your switch turned 'OFF' and you suddenly come 'ON' despite your switch remaining 'OFF' which would otherwise indicate a BROKEN CIRCUIT / OPEN CIRCUIT condition incapable of normal flow of electromagnetic current. Yet, you're 'ON' bringing in radio stations! So, Tesla's Special Generator need not be directly connected to appliances in order to power them, nor do these appliances need to have their circuits in an 'ON' condition in order for them to RUN. This is quite simple and disruptive to other electrical equipment nearby which we DON'T want to run at the same time!

Maybe it's time to live out on the farm away from everyone else in physical isolation as the only means to thwart our neighbor's devices from switching 'ON' when they least want them to?

Kind of goes against the social engineering applied to us here in the United States of North America during the Great Depression to move off the family farm and into the city looking for jobs. This distinguishing characteristic of the FCC's involvement in suppressing the operation of powerful electrostatic devices is an important one, for it prohibits leaving the city - which we won't need, anyway, to engage in our work. Work for what? Money? Why should we, when we have so much unlimited free energy at our fingertips; an important consequential consideration to keep in mind when dreaming of a society powered by unsuppressed free energy devices. OOPS! There goes a major source of revenue for the IRS! Homesteading! Prepper's style....

Getting back to our story...

Suppose we keep this conceptual model really, really simple? What would such a special generator of Nikola Tesla look like? Maybe something like this?...

The coils are connected to a load, such as: electric lights, motors, appliances, etc, probably DC devices, only? Actually, now that I think of it, some of our devices can just as easily be powered on either AC or DC. In fact, aren't our computers powered on DC and use a power supply to convert AC to DC?

Since Tesla invented the bladeless turbine, we could run this turbine - coupled to the inner copper disks - to give these disks a very efficient coefficient of spin per unit of energy it would take to blow compressed air at them. The bladeless turbine is a closely spaced stack of disks whose faces will cause the air to adhere - to some degree - creating the necessary grip to help rotate the turbine.

Two counter-rotating turbines on either side of the axle to this device would then provide for the necessary startup condition to get these disks up and running at their minimal rate of rotation before their self-accelerating feature kicks in to take over their continued operation so long as we don't shut this thing down, or else, if it should break down and stop on its own. Not so perpetual, eh? But still, long-lasting.

And the fact that these chambers, of this split chassis, are segregating these two counter-rotating disks with an iron membrane (or some other ferromagnetic material), means that there will be a time delay between each disk responding to the magnetic forces of its partner disk according to this patent of Tesla's from 1890...

Another design consideration is to imagine an aluminum disk smothered in rotating copper disks flanked on both sides of itself such that there is no portion of its aluminum face which could be bare and uncovered. An arrangement of twelve copper disks, six on either side, will do the job...

All twelve disks rotate in the same direction as does the aluminum disk in the center. The aluminum disk is not electrically connected to any circuit. It is an open circuit allowed to build up an electrostatic charge within its domain. The electrostatic charges of the twelve copper disks are not allowed to build up, but - instead - are "bled through" with negative current supplied from a negatively resistive or inductive load. These twelve copper disks are part of a "closed circuit". The whole is enclosed within an iron encasement magnetically coupled to a much larger iron mass. Iron may be substituted with some other magnetizable material.

Now, we can fake a spinning copper disk by running a current through it from its positive center to its negatively charged periphery whether or not these twelve copper disks are allowed to spin or not. They could be physically locked in place with no rotational movement allowed them. And the aluminum disk need not spin at all, either. It need merely charge up with an electrostatic charge as part of its "open circuit". So, while all of this is happening, and the iron chassis is also doing its job of magnetically grounding out any buildup of magnetism surrounding this device via its coupling to another much larger body of iron held elsewhere apart from this device, then the aluminum disk can buildup an electrostatic field sufficiently strong enough to run any "open" electrical equipment nearby.

The idea for this latest imaginary design comes about from reading up on the Hall Effect on Wikipedia. What particularly caught my attention was the video animation showing the simplified principle ( just my speed !-) ...

This simplified video made me think of the geometry of electrodynamic fields surrounding an aluminum disk and led me to the design parameters of these thirteen disks.

So, the red circle represents an aluminum disk at the center of all of this. The six green circles represent half of the copper disks displayed on this side of the aluminum disk facing towards us. Two copper disks on either side of the aluminum disk would have been more "flush" instead of this stacked arrangement, but that would have exposed portions of the aluminum disk.

One thing I remember about improving performance of a homopolar/unipolar generator is to completely cover each face of the spinning disk with a magnet extending beyond the periphery of the spinning disk. To do that, I've elected to use copper disks as my choice for a magnetic shield of sorts seeing as how a current, when passed through the copper material, will yield an electromagnetic response as if these copper disks were one over-sized permanent magnet extending beyond the edge of the aluminum disk.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Tesla's Special Generator: A Tri-Metal Arrangement of Copper, Aluminum and Iron.

William Lyne has been consistently besieged by the CIA to join their clan. He has repeatedly refused and has been harassed for doing so. He has relatives who are "in the know" either as employees of the CIA or as military personnel.

He was instrumental in the Cuban Missile Crisis. He helped Bobby Kennedy accurately inform his brother John so as to avoid the fiasco engineered by the CIA who had been falsely under-acknowledging Cuba's missile armaments to JFK. The CIA thanked Mr. Lyne in their usual way by offering him their employment which began a life long series of harassments and attempted murders of himself and his first wife upon his refusal to join their rank.

William has the uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time.

Take his penchant for visiting old junk yards for salvage equipment to conduct his experiments and study the history of obscure high-end technologies for instance.

On one occasion, he met a Mr. Dort whose father helped Nikola Tesla train the Nazis in the art of converting some of their infamous U-Boats to accept electric drives powered by a Special Generator. This generator ran on compressed air stored onboard as liquefied air. It gave their subs a range of 30,000 miles between refuelings.

But the mystery surrounding this Special Generator has continued to this day. Very few people talk about it. And very few people believe this to be a legitimate story.

Enter my friend, an electrician, who had met a coworker many years ago who had invented a solid-state version of Tesla's device composed of copper, aluminum and iron in the shape of an everyday notebook. It could power a medium sized electric motor.

Then, there's the Unipolar Generator of Adam Trombly whose description of performance and salient characteristics leads me to conclude that Tesla's device is not possible; it's probable.

But Tesla's Special Generator stands in a class all its own. It is not a unipolar generator in the usual sense. Far from it. He said it was self-running.

And William Lyne has declared to me via email that it is important to have a set of coil windings surrounding the exterior of the iron chassis. And William has also quoted Tesla, in his book: "Pentagon Aliens", as saying that: "for every two hundred pounds of iron added to this device, one horsepower is added to its output". This tells me that the chassis is magnetically grounded /coupled/ to a much larger body of iron. William has said it is attached to the hull of the U-Boat.

Since I had done a novel experiment in which I had attached a small neodymium magnet to one end of a galvanized steel wire, of a few yards, in length and was able to detect a magnetic field clear down to the other end of the wire, I can conclude that the guys over at are correct in advising their electrosensitive clients that magnetic shielding can only redirect a magnetic field by reshaping it; it cannot block it altogether. And Tesla has said in his US patent # 433,702 from 5 Aug 1890...

...that a time-delay occurs upon the passage of magnetism through a magnetizable screen or membrane in which it takes a sufficient duration for the membrane to saturate itself before it can allow passage of magnetism to the other side.

And Adam Trombly has said, according to Bryan Strohm - a friend of his, that the chassis is important to get the current disk of Adam's unipolar generator to "saturate itself with current" which Bryan thinks is a questionably accurate description or claim, as in: "how is that supposed to happen?"

But let's move onward, shall we?...

I don't think it's necessary to rediscover how Tesla did his thing. Frankly, he may not have given the Nazis everything he knew on the subject.

Joseph Cater, in chapter 22 of his book: "The Awesome Life Force" - page 289, entitled "The Searl Effect and the UFO Phenomena", explains the salient features of Searl's disk, namely: that if a metal disk is spun with sufficient speed, it will gradually - at first, and then quickly - accelerate, levitate and shoot up into the sky with tremendous speed.

What if Tesla already knew of, what later came to be known as, the original Searl Effect {not the magnetic version presently claimed by its inventor, but the prior electrostatic version exclusively dependent on a spinning disk without the assistance of any magnets}. This effect is named in honor of the Australian, expatriated Englishman, who discovered it around 1950.

Maybe Tesla didn't want to share this knowledge with the Nazis for a concern that this would give their craft unlimited power? Maybe Tesla didn't know everything about Michael Faraday's Disk and maybe Michael didn't know everything about his own disk, either?

Maybe Tesla withheld from the Nazis a more robust system that would have made their Electro-U-Boats unlimited in range? This is what I'm conjecturing from the most likely evidence being, as I am, "unskilled in the art" - other than the art of my imagination!

Maybe a disk is homopolar, or unipolar, only whenever it spins within a magnetic field? Lacking this influence, maybe non-ferrous metallic disks generate strictly an electrostatic field whenever they are spun?

If true, then this may explain the levity effect if we redefine inertia (gravity and levity) in terms of electrodynamics functioning within the special case of a macroscopic scale (non-atomic)?

Suppose the original Searl effect (as described in Joseph Cater's book cited above) generates an electrostatic field, contrary to the dynamics of a homopolar/unipolar electromagnetic field of motion? In other words, a static mapping of voltage differences without any movement versus an electromagnetic field of motion involving charge carriers (electron donors in a piece of metal, etc)?

Unless I be mistaken, a magnetic field of a homopolar, or unipolar, disk under the influence of a magnetic field and having smooth faces enters into the disk along its axis of rotation while exiting radially out along its disk surface on both sides of its disk faces.

Has anybody explained why current of a homopolar/unipolar disk radiates outward?

If we apply the principle of aether flow as being opposite to that of air pressure, then electric flow gets defined in terms of aether flow.

An area of high air pressure is expected to flow (blow a wind) towards an area of low air pressure.

Conversely, an area of high aether pressure is expected to flow away from an area of low aether pressure and towards the area of high aether pressure. This is analogous to the 'hole' theory of electric movement within a conductor in a direction opposite to the flow of electrons. The holes, in this case, is the aether itself.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to comment that there's more prana at higher elevations due to the larger gaps among the air molecules. This would concur by describing another type of fullness that is the opposite to the fullness of mass: a fullness of vacuity.

If we assume that the center of a rotating disk staged within a magnetic field has a low electrical pressure (voltage) at its center (indicated by its positive charge), then the flow of electric current outward is towards the higher area of electrical pressure at the perimeter of the spinning disk indicating an aether flow equivalent to the flow of electric current towards its negative charge at its periphery. This, of course, is conducive to normal flow of current in a wire between two poles of electric charge in which the current flows from the positive pole of a battery towards the negative pole. But here, the dipole of a battery is setup by simply maintaining the rotation of a metal disk.

In any case, this may not be the same geometry as that of an electrostatically charged spinning disk. Lift may be provided, under such conditions - due to a lack of flow of electric charge carriers (an "open circuit") - by straightening out electromagnetic field lines and closing the normally open magnetic lines of force to provide for movement of said disk?

Motion is normally thought of as a straight line: a vector. But we are wrong. Motion is a loop. If motion were to unravel itself into a straight line, a broken loop - an open circuit, only then does it come to a complete stop due to drag which we then have to invest extra effort to overcome.

Electromagnetic fields are normally thought of as a loop; two loops, in fact, at right angles to each other, because under the influence of standard closed circuits, electromagnetism moves throughout a circuit.

In the case of a homopolar - or unipolar - disk under the influence of an electromagnetic field, any additional force generated by the disk is zero: the polar effect imparts no net movement to the disk in addition to whatever rotational motion we have already imparted to said disk.

But in the case of a Searl disk lacking any electromagnetic field, said field straightens out of its normal looped geometry because there is no current, nor is there any magnetic field. Yet, clearly, it has motion for it sets off in a direction contrary to the direction of gravitational attraction towards the Earth and, instead, heads off into space!

But we are misguided in thinking that this upwards travel of a Searl disk is linear. It is not. It is part of a much larger loop of force which will eventually bring it back to its starting point, that is, if the Earth were to remain stationary. Since the Earth moves about the Sun, a Searl disk will form a looped trajectory, no longer involving the Earth, that will slowly reshape itself into an orbit around the Sun (or any large massive object nearby, such as Jupiter if that were close at hand).

The Right-Hand Rule for Generators

In short, the right hand rule for generators, and the left hand rule for motors, only applies to moving/looped/closed circuits. They do not apply to magnetostatic or electrostatic fields. Because in the latter case of static fields, force becomes confined to a loop which allows for its motion.

We may think of a loop as binding; that may be so. But a loop also provides for motion throughout the loop while a broken loop of an open pathway loses its motion in deference to a static state: a steady state of non-motion.

We are also misled into thinking that just because a motor imparts motion to a vehicle, then that implies that the straight line of force of said vehicle moving forward, backward, or toward one side or the other is a valid assessment that we make of the situation. We are wrong.

The motor rotates because its electromagnetic fields rotate. Thus, the motion of our car is not in a straight line, but  in a loop about the motor's fields. It is only because of the drive train that this circular motion is translated into linear motion so that we don't remain in our garage endlessly spinning around in a tight circle!

But true motion directly resulting from electrodynamics of some sort requires that we adhere to total balance of overall forces inherent in our right or left hand rules of electrodynamics. This means that these rules of thumb are about to get an enhancement: an enhancement involving either...
  1. The straightening out of electrodynamics into straight lines involving no net movement of electromotive force, or else...
  2. The tightening of electrodynamic force into closed loops bound to return upon themselves imparting magnetism and electric current which we are so familiar with.
The latter is the status quo of our technological culture. We expect that we will be pushing electrons around - either with a huge voltage, or else a huge magnetic field (both of which amount to the same thing) if we are to get any work done with our machines.

But option #1 is vastly different from the norm of our expectations about how our machines perform work resulting from their manipulation of the dynamics of the electron, for option #1 is directly related to motion rather than indirectly related via a drive shaft, train or transmission. This is the definition of Tesla's Ideal Flying Machine described by William Lyne in his book, "Occult Ether Physics".

Option #1 may not be of any use to us producing electric power for lighting light bulbs, but it sure does beat option #2 for moving us about from place to place. Light bulbs don't require much electricity to give us light anyway especially now that we have LEDs! So, what the heck are we wasting our time using the wrong form of electricity to perform the wrong type of task?

In the diagram above, it will be noted that the linear motion of the center image is transformed into circular motion in the bottom image. The Searl effect requires one more option to explain its dynamics...

Although this works fine for demonstrating a proof of concept, it does little good for something practical to relieve our need for cheap sources of electrical power.

So, enter Tesla's Special Generator. Its iron chassis replaces the rotational inertia of Searl's disks. In Tesla's case, any magnetic field resulting from the creation of an electrostatic field inside this special generator is quickly and efficiently removed - to some degree - to create asymmetry between the two fields coassociated with every electrodynamic process: the electric and magnetic fields. In Searl's case, any magnetic or electric field gets straightened out - by virtue of becoming an open circuit - resulting in zero electromagnetic drag reacting against its rotation. With both devices, the magnetic field is either drained away in Tesla's case or else zeroed out in Searl's case to cause the electric field to saturate the inner workings of each device creating an unlimited surge of current (Tesla) or electrostatic charge (Searl) despite any amount of electrical load or rotational drag placed upon either one of them. This results in Searl's disks reaching escape velocity and Tesla's Special Generator self-running once an outside source of rotation - a startup motor - gets them up to their optimal rotation speed.

This is where Tesla's gift to the Nazis breaks down: what if Tesla gave the Nazis a reciprocating generator run on compressed air (stored onboard their Electro-U-Boats as liquefied air) in order to cheat the Nazis from having unlimited range imparted to their craft? Unlimited range would have occurred had Tesla gifted the Nazis a Searl disk since it can self-accelerate from a minimum operational RPM. But a reciprocating piston requires a constant stream of compressed air to operate. It cannot self-accelerate its reciprocating motion due to its dependency on engaging a dead-stop at every half-cycle of its oscillations.

We want unlimited power for our homes and businesses. And we can achieve it by applying the genius of either of these two inventions or some blend, thereof.

Let's Review Some Main Points

First of all, rotational inertia (called 'moment of inertia' by physicists) is equivalent to gravity since Bruce DePalma had determined via experimentation with gyroscopes that a spinning iron ball rose and fell through the air much faster than did a non-spinning ball. But this, alone, does not explain Searl's effect all by itself. So, electrostatics somehow is enhancing the DePalma effect. Probably by saturation of Searl's disks with electrostatic charge.

The difference is that Searl's disks defy gravity by reshaping the electrostatic and electromagnetic fields surrounding them. Thus, both cause and - most importantly - effect are put to good use to propel these disks up and out of any practical reach (in their original tests).

The shape of Searl's disks is significant or else DePalma would have been able to make his spinning ball bearings fly off into space, or else fall down and stay down against any attempt to pick them up, just like a Searl disk! But that didn't happen, because Bruce DePalma's balls were round while Searl's disks were flat. {Am I making a valid case for the flat Earth society? Or maybe Tesla's pancake coils are a more relevant example?}

In other words, gravity and inertia are the result of an imbalance between electrostatics and electromagnetics. When the open circuit of an electrostatic field predominates, then levity or gravity predominates. But whenever magnetism predominates within the confines of a closed circuit, then electricity is the result. Since any given situation is never purely one or the other but a blend of these two situations, then describing any given situation becomes more or less complicated. Searl kept it simple: cause (he mechanically spun a metal disk) and effect (the disk rose up and flew off into eventual orbit around a celestial object).

Main Point

If you're still wondering how on Earth can this conceptualization of mine power a load - and not just any load, but a load with significant torque demand such as an electric car constantly accelerating (such as proceeding up an incline) - then I'm not surprised. So let's take a further look at this...

Normally, we're led to believe that voltage supplies torque. So a Searl disk has none since homopolar and unipolar disks can be safely stopped by the friction of your hand. And they're low voltage, high current, devices. The only difference between a homopolar/unipolar disk and a Searl disk is that the former are electromagnetically closed circuits while a Searl disk is an electrostatically open circuit.

But if I want more torque to accelerate my electric car up a hill, I have to supply it with plenty of voltage lest I come to a dead stop, or crawl.

High amperage will give me speed, but voltage will help me tow another car or accelerate quickly whenever entering the freeway.

Now.... This is our consensus of opinion: that voltage is required if I want more torque to adequately provide for a constant acceleration.

But what if this is not the only way to accelerate?

What if Nature provides us with an alternative?

The alternative is to insure that a high electromagnetic current of a low voltage Homopolar/Unipolar disk, or the high electrostatic charge of a Searl disk never loses its current level due to torque demand drawn from the electric load, such as from a motor. In other words, saturation of current is maintained at all times within the geometry of either type of disk. This may be achievable by the massive quantity of magnetizable material (let's assume it's iron for the sake of Tesla's legacy) magnetically coupled/bolted to the magnetizable chassis surrounding this gizmo.

This gets us back to modifying the power factor of a DC circuit as if it has one.

I know. I know. We're taught that only AC circuits have a power factor to monkey with. You know, the power factor? As in the phase relation between the amperage sine wave versus the voltage sine wave during each half of an AC cycle?

But apparently, DC circuits have power factors as well as AC circuits, or else Tesla's Special Generator can only run in AC mode.

In patent # 447,921 from the 10th of March 1891, Tesla describes how to alter an electromagnetic homopolar disk into an AC configuration by the clever use of grooves serrated into both the disk and the pole faces of the iron core of his electromagnet.

We may not be able to duplicate this nifty trick in our harnessing of power off of a Searl style disk if no contact brushes are used? But I don't know.... Maybe someone knows of a neat trick to inductively draw off power from a radially serrated DC disk in a manner similar to how a inductive motor/generator can draw off power from its windings?

Guess, I'll have some reading to do on inductive generators and such?

Links For More Information

This is where my posts at Energetic Forum on the topic of Tesla's Special Generator begin to get interesting.

My YouTube channel devoted to this topic.

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I'm always in need of more money.

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The Regeneration Expertise of Dr. Robert Otto Becker, MD, is within our Reach as DIY Homemakers.

The Body Electric, by Dr. Robert O. Becker, MDThe Body Electric, by Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD

You'd think that regeneration is rocket science, right? Wrong...
Argyria - Avoiding that is rocket science!

But regeneration is nothing new. It's been practiced by warriors and stunt doubles every time they suffer an injury. That's when their body has the opportunity to initiate healing and, in some cases, all out regeneration.

In fact, the use of silver as a tool for helping the body to regenerate dates as far back as human history elicits epic tales of heroes and gods colored blue or slate gray: Krishna (literally translates as: dark), Rama, Shiva, Shuka-Deva and in more recent times: Paul Karason (smurf dude).

The problem was not with their intent. The problem was with their technique. They didn't fully know how electrochemistry explains both argyria and its prevention, or that argyria is an indication that they are failing to utilize all of their silver deposited in their fatty tissue as garbage.

It would take a true hero to have a body which automatically conjures up the necessary voltage of a negative electrical charge to saturate itself with bioavailable silver instead of allowing it to turn into mud. But modern technology affords us this convenience in the form of specially designed biocircuits of ultra-low voltage, or else the super-oxidation of nano-silver /also known as colloidal silver/ with food grade, 35% strength, hydrogen peroxide converting the silver particles into water soluble ions of silver hydroperoxide - AgHO2. And we also have MSM, methylated sulphur, available on an industrial scale to help those of us who need silver the most but can't handle the stuff 'cuz we fail to methylate at all let alone methylate our sulphur. So, Krishna and Rama didn't have what we have. Let us be thankful for the wisdom to know how to use it.

Dr. Becker never intended us to make it a regular habit of using AgHO2 in the bath along with salt, MSM and silica gel. His specialty was wound care; emergency care. He was an orthopedic surgeon by trade.

But he died of pneumonia. A sad fact of underappreciating his gift to us.

We need not make his mistake despite the best of intentions of Rosemary Jacobs and the Union of Medical Practitioners /the AMA/ who want us to avoid the hazards of argyria, but who also don't want to figure out what I've figured out: that it's not necessary to assume that suffering is the norm, or else: "How modern -indeed- is our so-called technology?" This stance of their's denies us the freedom to prevent illness, save health care costs, and undermine the insurance scam of maintaining our plight to maintain their profit.

Links Documenting My Continuing Research

I gave up adding anything more to those two playlists on my vinyasi YouTube channel and continue researching Dr. Becker here, here and here.

Be sure and check out my other YouTube channels located to the right of each YouTube channel's dashboard along with my dedication Facebook page devoted to Dr. Becker.

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This is good for making traditionally clear, low ppm, colloidal silver for drinking, etc, but not making silver fog (almost silver mud) used for conversion into silver hydroperoxide for bathing unless you modify its internal set screws...

Even still, it might be better to get a different machine - altogether - so as not to have to modify anything...

Biophysica's FAQs - for large scale production of colloidal silver

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Moon Boy

There once was a little boy who talked to the moon.

He said, "Moon - where's your daddy?"

The moon replied, "I have no daddy."

"That's not right", said the little boy to the moon. "Everyone has a daddy. Even I have a daddy."

"Who is that?", said the moon.

"I don't know!", said the little boy.

So the little boy picked up a stick and began drawing circles in the sand. He didn't know why the moon had no daddy.

And he couldn't figure out why his memory failed him.

Doesn't everyone have a daddy?

So the little boy took a moon cheese out of his pocket and gave it a munch. Then he got on his bike and rode all over town.

He rode over to his friend's house, Mickey, but even Mickey didn't know where this little boy's daddy was. If Mickey had given it a little thought, he would have wondered where his own daddy is. But he was too busy playing Nintendo with his kid brother to notice.

So then, the little boy went over to Sally's house to see if she knew where her daddy is. She couldn't say for certain.

But if Sally was a good little girl,  then daddy would give her a big kiss when he got home. Of course, he always gave her big kisses - even when she was naughty. She could never do wrong, 'cuz daddy loved her so much.

Sally gave her little doll, Pansy, a sip of ginger tea. Pansy asked Sally for one lump of sugar, please. Sally obliged her and offered Pansy some licorice. "No thanks," replied Pansy, "But thanks for asking."