Sunday, September 25, 2016

Moon Boy

There once was a little boy who talked to the moon.

He said, "Moon - where's your daddy?"

The moon replied, "I have no daddy."

"That's not right", said the little boy to the moon. "Everyone has a daddy. Even I have a daddy."

"Who is that?", said the moon.

"I don't know!", said the little boy.

So the little boy picked up a stick and began drawing circles in the sand. He didn't know why the moon had no daddy.

And he couldn't figure out why his memory failed him.

Doesn't everyone have a daddy?

So the little boy took a moon cheese out of his pocket and gave it a munch. Then he got on his bike and rode all over town.

He rode over to his friend's house, Mickey, but even Mickey didn't know where this little boy's daddy was. If Mickey had given it a little thought, he would have wondered where his own daddy is. But he was too busy playing Nintendo with his kid brother to notice.

So then, the little boy went over to Sally's house to see if she knew where her daddy is. She couldn't say for certain.

But if Sally was a good little girl,  then daddy would give her a big kiss when he got home. Of course, he always gave her big kisses - even when she was naughty. She could never do wrong, 'cuz daddy loved her so much.

Sally gave her little doll, Pansy, a sip of ginger tea. Pansy asked Sally for one lump of sugar, please. Sally obliged her and offered Pansy some licorice. "No thanks," replied Pansy, "But thanks for asking."

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